Exercise Decrease Food Cravings

Experts and researches proves that exercise can make you lose weight. It is a well known fact that when you move and perspire you burn calories. Exercise makes it very easy to burn calories and lose weight. But it is not well known that exercise has also indirect benefits for controlling weight.

Most studies about losing weight have found that even moderate exercise can improve the individual’s well being and energy.

Putting aside a sluggish body, also tend to put aside desires for food, especially unsafe foods. Of course, if you are really gone all out in burning calories and seriously exercising, your body will tell you that you need to eat. But your body will tend to narrow off as you satisfy its real needs.

Try some trick that will work for you. If weather cooperates, take a walk and do some body stretching before breakfast will help you to be satisfied with a small breakfast of well chosen foods. It may not work immediately but if you are serious, you may notice it and you have to do it gradually. If your schedule allows a fifteen to half hour of jogging, and then shower, before lunch will help satisfied you with a light meal.

Amuse yourself with this concept, and listen to what your body tells you. You may be surprised that heavy exercise after supper is out of the question, but actually medium to heavy exercise which ends 30 to 60 minutes before supper can reduce your craving for food, especially deserts.

Remember, however, that good choices of food type means you can eat heartily without counting carbs or calories.


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